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Selection policy for juniors wishing to play additional games in higher divisions..


In an effort to improve development of our juniors the following process is to take place when considering team selections.


Step 1:

Preceding training, managers are to contact their team to assess player availability for the upcoming game. It is important to get parents into the habit of notifying the team manager or coach prior to training.


Step 2:

After U12/U14 training and prior to OJ training, coaches and managers are to meet to discuss what potential players may be used to play in higher grades. This is effectively a selection process.


Selection Criteria

1. Teams must include ALL available players from that age bracket. Players playing in their designated age must not be excluded in favour of players wanting to play up from lower age divisions.

2. If there are not enough players from the designated age division, players may be selected from lower divisions. After discussions with the coaches of the lower age divisions the coach of the higher age group has sole discretion to pick players from lower divisions based on merit. There may be specific cases that a player from U12 gets selected in place of a player from U14 to play OJ, this is based on an individual's ability to play in a higher grade.



1. Players cannot play in more than two age divisions above their designated age group. i.e. Joeys's in OJ's. It is against AHA policy.

2. GCHA ruling that players cannot play more than three games in any given round. This includes combined junior and senior games.

3. Players and parents need to realise that Hockey Burleigh fees are based on players playing just one game per round. There is no prerequisite to be selected for ADDITIONAL games over and above the players designated age division. Additional games are a bonus. Players selected to play in higher divisions are selected based on the requirements of the coach in that team.

4. Players must be invited/selected to play in higher divisions. If the coach/manager has not specifically asked you to play then it is inferred you are not required. Please DO NOT TURN UP in the hope of an additional game. And please do not ask the coach/manager if you can play. This places an unfair burden on the coach/manager.

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