Every division in the Hockey Gold Coast Association has at least one team wearing the Hockey Burleigh colours. Division 1 Men & Women, Division 2 Men & Women, Division 3 Men & Women, Division 4 Women.

In 2018 we were successful with our Division 1 Women winning the premier division on the Gold Coast, all due to some very talented players, a strong volunteer base and a healthy competitive environment.

So, whether you are serious or just want a sweat and social team atmosphere, we can provide the team.

Division 1 Men

Hockey Burleigh Division 1 men have been one of the most successful Division 1 teams on the coast. Sporting an impressive 13 Premierships.

Training Times - Draw

Division 1 Women

Hockey Burleigh Division 1 Women set an impressive record in 2020 by completing the double double and winning their forth consecutive premiership.

Training Times - Draw

Division 2 Men

Training Times - Draw

Division 2 Women

Training Times - Draw

Division 3 Men

Training Times - Draw

Division 3 Women

Training Times - Draw

Division 4 Women

Training Times - Draw


Training Times

Training will commence Tuesday 2nd February at GCHA and every Tuesday thereafter for the season.

All senior training will be held at GCHA at Hunt Park Labrador.

Senior Draw & Results

The GCHA often review the match draw.

To obtain the latest up to date draw and results please click the below link which will take you to the GCHA AltiusRT webpage where the draw and results are located.