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Juniors are the lifeblood of any sporting organisation and Hockey Burleigh is not different. We welcome all juniors whether they are experienced hockey players or brand new to the game. Our Junior program has produced many state and Australian representatives and continues to promote a healthy friendly environment at club level for all young players. Every age group in the Hockey Gold Coast Association has at least one team wearing the Hockey Burleigh colours. Open Junior boys and girls, Under 14 Girls, Under 14  Boys, U12 Mixed and Joeys divisions so there is a team for everyone.


Joeys is the starting point for young junior players new to the game. This is a fun activity based program designed to introduce children as young as 5 to hockey.

Joeys is not an age based program but in general participants are 5 to 9years of age. Participants will be assessed on ability and coached accordingly.

To make things easier for Burleigh based families, Hockey Burleigh has bought program closer to our traditional geographic base at Burleigh and as such have arranged to run our  Joeys sessions from 4pm on Wednesdays at Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre in Burleigh.

As players progress through the Joeys program they will advance into the Joeys Saturday’ program which builds on the skills learned and prepares players for games.

Our Joeys also get the opportunity to play real games on Saturday mornings at the state of the art Commonwealth Games facility of Gold Coast Hockey association at Hunt Park Labrador. These modified rules non competitive games have the kids playing kids from other clubs in the area whilst honing their skills.

For directions to Joeys Program location click here


U12 is the commencement of competition and the last mixed age group. Boys and girls train and play games together where both genders benefit from each others strengths. Training is midweek (click here for details) and games are one hour on Saturday mornings (click here for details). 

To be eligible for U12, players must be 12 or under in the year of competition. I.e. If you turn 12 before 1st Jan in the year of competition  you will be too old. 


Is a separate Boys & Girls competition. Training is midweek (click here for details) and games are one hour on Saturday mornings (click here for details).

To be eligible for U14, players must be 14 or under in the year of competition. I.e. If you turn 14 before 1st Jan in the year of competition  you will be too old. 

Open Juniors

Is a separate Boys & Girls competition. Training is midweek (click here for details) and games are one hour on Friday evenings (click here for details).

​To be eligible for Open Juniors, players must be 18 or under in the year of competition. I.e. If you turn 18 before 1st Jan in the year of competition you will be too old. 

Players must be under the designated age as of the 1st January in the year the competition is being played (i.e. a player who turns 15 after 1st January onwards during the year of the championship is eligible to participate in the U14 competition, whereas, a player who has already turned 15 by the 31st December the year prior to the competition is ineligible).

Junior Training

Training Times

2023 Training will commence...

Tuesday 14th February at GCHA at Hunt Park Labrador.

Joeys will commence on15th March at Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre Burleigh Heads

Junior Draw

The GCHA often review the match draw.

To obtain the latest up to date draw and results please click the below link which will take you to the GCHA AltiusRT webpage where the draw and results are located.

Junior Draw
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