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Umpire Qualification Levels

There are 3 Hockey Australia umpiring levels.

Hockey Queensland have incorporated 2 extra levels in between the current HA levels to help keep umpires progressing.

  1. Community (HA)
  2. Community Advance (HQ)
  3. Level 1 (HA)
  4. Level 1 Advance (HQ)
  5. Level 2 (HA)

JUmp! GC

A structured Junior Umpire Mentoring Program that promotes the development and training of ALL Gold Coast Hockey Association Junior Umpires.

Prepared and provided by the Gold Coast Hockey Association by Level 1 accredited umpires.

For the full details, see the program flyer HERE

Who is the program for?

Junior players or supporters, ages 8 years and over wanting to try umpiring.

How Much?

There are NO costs to Jump! GC Junior Umpire Program participants!!

What is included?

 JUmp! GC Umpire mentors
Structured umpire training
Practical & theory workshops
Measured progression
Supported on-field experience
Recognition for Prior Learning
Qualify to paid local umpiring!

JUmpStart (Stage 1)

Beginner umpire program running throughout the GC Joey season.
Minimum 10 week program.
Weekly mentoring from JUmp! GC mentors

JUmpUp (Stage 2)

Issued umpire packs: shirt, whistle, cards
Transition from GC joey’s to U11s – with senior JUmp! Mentor
Progress to U13s (on assessment)
Minimum 10 week program
No set maximum timeline – competency based assessment

JUmpOut (Stage 3)

Continued support from JUmp! mentors
Complete Community Umpiring Badge
Practical compentency assessments
Guidance toward Representative Competition Umpiring
On completion of the JUmpOut program, cam umpire GCHA Friday night Junior competition
JUmp! GC Umpires assist with future intakes of JUmpStart program participant to maintain accreditation


For more information, or to signup

Contact: The Junior Umpire Club Coordinator.
(07) 5571 2244


Umpire Pay Rates

GCHA pay qualified umpires to officiate throughout the season. 

The following pay rates apply for umpires at differing qualification levels.

Senior Game Umpire Payments
Junior Game Umpire Payments
Umpire Pay Rates
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