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Senior selection policy


To manage player numbers and improve development of our juniors the following applies to senior selection.


Clause 1:

Senior team selection is based on merit no matter if you are a junior or a senior. It is accepted that juniors may push seniors down a division provided it is in line with Clause 2 below.


Clause 2:

No "Full Fee" paying senior may miss a game in favour of a junior.

Juniors may take priority over "10 Game Max" players based on merit.

Clause 3:

Juniors are to be considered before seniors wishing to play a second game for the round provided the junior is of sufficient ability.

Clause 4:

Full Fee paying seniors will be given first priority on team selection over 10 Game Max fee paying players no mater the ability.

Clause 5:

10 Game Max fee paying players are not permitted to play finals.

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