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Junior Age Level Policy


It is the policy of Hockey Burleigh to insist on juniors playing in their designated age level irrespective of ability.*

This policy is in place to promote leadership and mentoring of less talented players and improve the overall quality of that age group.

For purposes of this policy players are deemed to have aged out of juniors at 17 year of age and are not required to play in Open Juniors unless they desire to.



Hockey Burleigh do not want to impede the development progress of any players, and as such will, where available, find additional games for players wishing to play at a higher level. Higher levels may be up to two levels above their respective current age group but their inclusion MUST NOT be at the detriment of incumbent players in that team.


Should game times clash in the round then it is expected that the player will play in their designated age level, NOT the higher level.


In the case where a younger age group has a full team list and the older age group is short, and the levels are playing at the same time or at a time where it is not possible for a player to play both games, then an arrangement can be made between the coaches to play one or more players up to help out the team which is short numbered.


As with any policy there may be special extenuating circumstances where an individual for some reason simply cannot play in their designated age group.

In such instances a decision to grant the application may be decided by a vote of the Hockey Burleigh Junior Committee as a whole. This is to alleviate the burden of pressure placed on the Junior Coordinator or any single Hockey Burleigh official by the requesting parent or player.


Eligibility to compete at a higher level:


To be eligible to play in a higher level, the players MUST;

  1. nominate by notifying the Club/Junior Coordinator or Team Coach of their desire to play in a higher age level.

  2. obtain consent from their parent or guardian.

  3. play in their designated age group in that same round.

  4. attend training sessions as requested by the team coach.

  5. demonstrate the relevant SKILL level required by the coach to compete at this level.

  6. possess the required physical ability to compete against older stronger players.

If the above criteria is met, the coach or team manager may invite the player to train with the team on a week to week basis, Nomination is not an automatic indication of acceptance to train or selection. Coaches and team managers will inform players of their requirement.


NOTE: Selection to play in “ADDITIONAL" teams will be based on “MERIT”, “SKILL” and very importantly, “PHYSICAL ABILITY” to compete at that higher level. Selection is at the discretion of the team coach on a week by week basis. This may also mean that players even younger obtain selection ahead of older players also wishing to play up. i.e. An U12 player may get selected ahead of an U14 wishing to play in OJ.


Coaches are volunteers committing their time to help our kids. Parents are requested to not place undue pressure on coaches by questioning selections.


In the unlikely event that a parent/player feels they are not being favorably looked upon when selections are made should communicate with the club secretary who will take necessary investigative action.


Selection policy for juniors wishing to play additional games in higher divisions.


Step 1:

Preceding training, managers are to contact their team to assess player availability for the upcoming game. It is important to get parents into the habit of notifying the team manager or coach prior to training.


Step 2:

After U12/U14 training and prior to OJ training, coaches and managers are to meet to discuss what potential players may be used to play in higher grades. This is effectively a selection process.


Selection Criteria

1. Teams must include ALL available players from that age bracket. Players playing in their designated age must not be excluded in favour of players in lower age divisions.

2. If there are not enough players from the designated age division, players may be selected from lower divisions. After discussions with the coaches of the lower age divisions the coach of the higher age group has sole discretion to pick players from lower divisions based on merit. There may be specific cases that a player from U12 gets selected in place of a player from U14 to play OJ, this is based on an individual's ability to play in a higher grade.



1. Players cannot play in more than two age divisions above their designated age group. i.e. Joeys's in OJ's. It is against AHA policy.

2. GCHA ruling that players cannot play more than three games in any given round. This includes combined junior and senior games.

3. Players and parents need to realise that Hockey Burleigh fees are based on players playing just one game per round. There is no prerequisite to be selected for ADDITIONAL games over and above the players designated age division. Additional games are a bonus. Players selected to play in higher divisions are selected based on the requirements of the coach in that team.

4. Players must be invited/selected to play in higher divisions. If the coach/manager has not specifically asked you to play then it is inferred you are not required. Please DO NOT TURN UP in the hope of an additional game. And please do not ask the coach/manager if you can play. This places an unfair burden on the coach/manager.



For a number of reasons some players do not have the necessary skills or physical ability to play in their respective age group. These instances may be for example, a new inexperienced player to the sport, a physically disabled or handicapped player. In special cases, written approval may be sought from GCHA. Please see your junior coordinator to make this request on your behalf.


On occasion it occurs that some clubs may not field teams in every age division. As such, from time to time Hockey Burleigh receives requests from players who are current members of other clubs wishing to play in Hockey Burleigh teams above their designated age group. Eg. The player wants to play both U13 and U15 but cannot at the same club because that club does not field an U15 team.

It may also occur that the request is from a player who’s parent club does not in fact have a team in their designated age group but the player is capable of playing in the higher group at that club. Eg. The player wants to play both U13 and U15 but cannot at the same club because that club does not field an U13 team.


It is Hockey Burleigh policy to consider such applications on their merits and in the event that such a request be granted, it will be on the conditions that:


1. Written request be submitted to the Hockey Burleigh Junior Coordinator

2. Their inclusion does not prohibit an incumbent sole registered Hockey Burleigh player from playing in that team, even if that Hockey Burleigh player is also playing up an age division.

3. They have the approval from their ‘parent’ club.

4. They have approval from the GCHA.

5. They become financial Hockey Burleigh members.

6. It is in the interests of the competition as a whole. (It is not in the interests of Hockey Burleigh to procure players at the detriment of other clubs.)

7. The decision to play be decided by a vote of the Hockey Burleigh junior committee. (This is to alleviate the burden of pressure placed on the Junior Coordinator or any single Hockey Burleigh official by the requesting parent or player.)


Note: Should an application be denied then it is not the responsibility of Hockey Burleigh to provide the applicant with a detailed explanation for reasons of confidentiality.

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