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Code of Conduct - Players


Your conduct as a member/official/administrator/coach of the club is to be exemplary and in a responsible manner at all times.  You are asked to: – display control and show respect to all involved in our sport.  Do not insult or abuse teammates, opposition, officials or umpires at anytime.

Conduct to abide by in all circumstances:

  • Before, during and after games

  • Spectating

  • Training

  • Representative and Club Trips

  • Social events

Co-operation with Chain of Command:

  • President

  • Executive Committee Members

  • Management Committee

  • Team Manager

  • Coach

  • Captain (or in the instance of a Junior Team … Junior Coordinator

Manager/Coach to handle any Minor difficulties within team BUT any Major problems should be referred to the Executive Committee.

Club Executive Committee to deal with any serious problems.  This will either be dealt with by the entire committee or by a elected sub committee as appropriate.  All matters will be noted in the hockey club’s files and any letters will be responded to and taken to the committee for a reply.

Discipline (lacking team spirit, rudeness, swearing, violence etc…):

  • 1st Warning

  • Before committee (either entire committee or elected sub committee as appropriate)

  • Appropriate action taken (e.g. Change of attitude, apology, suspension)


Players Problems

  • Speak to Manager/Captain

  • In writing to the committee

  • Discuss before the committee at a meeting


Volunteer in a capacity as to suit your abilities and assist with all club fundraising, club duties, to GCHA, social events, etc.

Respect and care for all Club equipment.

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every member and/or person involved with our Club, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Show loyalty and ‘be true blue’ to Hockey Burleigh at all times.

I also agree to the Gold Coast Hockey Player/ Athlete Code of Behaviour.

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