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Hockey Burleigh hare very proud to have a host of
Australian, Queensland, Gold Coast and South Representative players.
Here is a profile of just the creme of our crop.
For the full list of our representative players click here



Australian Hockeyroo

Commencing her career at Burleigh at the age of 8,  Rosie Malone made her debut for the Australian Hockeyroos in 2018 and has again continued in the national team in 2019. Rosie had such a stellar start to her international career she was nominated as one of the top five U21 players in the world for 2018.

Morgan Mathison

Australian U19 Captain
Australian Hockeyroo

Morgan comes from a sporting pedigree which Hockey Burleigh are lucky enough to be the recipient of



Australian U19 Squad

Jun started playing for Burleigh as a junior during 2011 in the mixed Under 11s competition and continued to play in the respective junior age groups until he was 17. Jun began to regularly play in the division 1 & 2 senior competitions when he was 15. He played for both of these teams until 2018, where he only played in the div 1 team for Burleigh and also began playing in the div 1 competition for Bulimba in the BHL. Throughout the years Jun has played for Burleigh he also made several regional and state teams. 

2013 - U13s Qld 
2014 - U15s Qld team 2
2015 - U15s Qld team 1 
2016 - U18s Qld team 2 
2017 - U19s Qld Schoolboys (top goalscorer) 
2018 - U18s Qld team 1 (second place) 
         - Futures 
         - U21s Qld 

Will Mathison

Australian U16 Schoolboys
Australian Hockeyroo

At just 15 Will was playing BHL Div1 the premier mens league in Queensland.

In 2018 Will capped off a brilliant U16 National Championships and was called up into the National U16 Schoolboys team.



Australian U16 Schools Squad

Jordy has played all her Junior Hockey at Hockey Burleigh

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