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Joeys Program


Joeys is the starting point for young junior players new to the game. This is a fun activity based program designed to introduce children as young as 5 to hockey.

Joeys is not an age based program but in general participants are 5 to 9 years of age. Participants will be assessed on ability and coached accordingly.

To make things easier for Burleigh based families, Hockey Burleigh has bought program closer to our traditional geographic base at Burleigh and as such have arranged to run our  Joeys sessions from 4pm on Tuesdays at Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre in West Burleigh.

As players progress through the Joeys program they will advance into the Joeys+ Saturday’ program which builds on the skills learned and prepares players for games.

Our Joeys+ participants also get the opportunity to play real games on Saturday mornings at the state of the art Commonwealth Games facility of Gold Coast Hockey Association at Hunt Park Labrador. These modified rules non competitive games have the kids playing kids from other clubs in the area whilst honing their skills.

Our Joeys program runs from 4-5pm on Tuesdays at the Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre in West Burleigh.

The Joeys+ program runs from 9-10am on Saturday mornings at Gold Coast Hockey Centre, Hockey Lane Labrador.

Joeys Tuesdays at Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre in West Burleigh run from 12th March through 9th July.

Joeys+ Saturdays run on Saturdays (Dates to be Confirmed).

As a part of registration all our NEW Joeys receive a Hockey Burleigh Shirt, Stick, Ball and Shin Guard so there is no additional cost to get started.

For further details please contact Jake Baldry  via email on

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2024 Joeys Program
Commencement date 19th March

Our 2022 Joeys program will commence on Wednesday 12th March from 4.00pm to 5.00pm at Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre Burleigh and run for 15 weeks (less school holidays).

3 Fremantle Street, West Burleigh Qld 4219
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