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Whirlwind NZ tour for Rosie

  • After a very late call up - rung at 4pm on the Thursday while she was at uni and had to organise everything to get up in the air NZ-bound by 6 the next morning.

  • All was all going to plan, until that the NZ beagle sniffer dog sniffed out a rotten mandarin that had been buried in her hockey bag for a few weeks, and she was whacked with a ridiculous $400 fine from NZ customs, despite explaining having to pack so quickly and in the dark etc.

  • Absolutely freezing over there, with most of their games being played at between -2 degrees and zero.

  • First game was Sunday vs NZ which Australia won 4-1

  • Second game vs Japan Australia won 4-1 again and Rosie scored her first international goal (a deflection in from a corner)

  • Third game vs NZ, Australia won 3-0, and Rosie scored again - this was the starry tomma that now has over 5000 instagram views and still climbing)

  • Fourth game vs Japan, Australia lost 1-0 but were already straight through to the final, so it was just a flat nothing game and Rosie said none of them played well (guess if you have to have a bad game in a tournament, may as well make it one that is going to have no impact on the results)

  • NZ and Japan played the semi on Sat, with NZ winning in a shoot-out put them into the final against Australia.

  • In the final, the Aussies were fairly dominant (other than in the 2nd quarter). But just before half time an Aussie intercepted a NZ 16 and the ball came across to Rosie who tomma-ed from the top of the circle, fell over, the keeper saved but it came out to near where Rosie was still down, she trapped it on one knee, jumped up, took it behind a NZ defender and tomma-ed again. Keeper got a glove to it but it still went in. Aussie then put in 2 more in 2nd half for a 4-1 win (great reversal of the Comm Games score).

  • That meant Rosie finished equal top goal scorer with NZ's Samantha Harrison and Olivia Merry, and Australia's Brooke Peris.

  • That night, at the presentation dinner, Rosie apparently managed to get the whole Japan team up on the dance floor, teaching them some of her most popular dance moves.... and had the entire hall crying with laughter. Still had to go home and pack and get to the airport early next morning as she was flying to the GC - not to Perth with the rest of the team.

  • Funnily, when her 'ride share' service turned up next morning, it was a tight fit, with the NZ assistant coach (who was coach for the Tri-Nations tournament) and Anita Punt (NZ top player) plus one other player, in the car already. It was an interesting ride, with Rosie of course chatting away about the whirlwind it had been to get there, and Anita Punt kindly replying... "Well you certainly caused us some headaches out there!"

  • Don't really know how she did all this with pretty much zero preparation and no sleep, and no wonder she had a headache and was feeling sick when Cheryl picked her up from the airport last night - but a bit of home cooking and giggles and she was much better.

  • She now has deferred uni exams all week and is very worried about finding time to study. Well done Rosie, Hockey Burleigh are very proud of you.

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