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Club B Raffles

Over the summer off-season Hockey Burleigh were lucky enough to trial fundraising raffles at Club Burleigh. We have managed to build a positive relationship with both the club and the many loyal locals who patronise it on a Friday night. Many in fact now come to the club just for Friday raffles.

With this foundation now set and hockey season beginning, it is important we continue for fundraising reasons, club /team bonding and also to maintain the good rapport we have fostered with the local community.

As such each Hockey Burleigh team will now be part of a Raffle Duty Roster. It means every 9 weeks or so your team will be responsible for selling the tickets. Whether it’s just a few of you or the whole team, will be a matter for you to discuss and organise.

The roster is attached below. Your coach or manager will arrange tour team when its your turn

Make it a catch up night and book in for dinner and drinks. Remember 5% of all money spent at Club B comes back to Hockey Burleigh.

Enjoy your time at Swell and Club Burleigh selling tickets for Hockey Burleigh.

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