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Season Recommencement

So here is some news to give us all something to look forward to . A presidents meeting was held Tuesday evening to discuss the possible reopening of the season. Subject to easing of restrictions, it was agreed that the GCHA would aim for a recommencement of the season the weekend of July 17th with grand finals to be held on the weekend of 18th October. This will allow a 13 week season with 15 rounds minimum within that time, which almost gives us a full season given seniors have played two rounds already. Existing match results will stand when the season recommences. Obviously this is dependant upon restrictions being lifted by the government which would allow us back to play. If restrictions are lifted earlier than anticipated we will return earlier. Training will also recommence as soon as restrictions are lifted enough for this to happen. Under the "AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport” it may be possible to recommence training when restrictions are eased to level B which allows for Indoor/outdoor activity that can be conducted in small groups (not more than 10 athletes and/or other personnel in total) and with adequate spacing (not more than 1 person per 4m2). This may take some nutting out on our behalf as to how this can be best achieved in regard to hockey training but i’m sure there will be some guidelines coming out from Hockey Aus and Hockey Qld in time to assist. Decisions on training post government approval to commence will be at the discretion of the clubs. Please be assured that Hockey Burleigh will be endeavouring to get our members back on the field as soon as possible when it is safe to do so. In the case that we are not permitted to train prior to the opening of the season we will head straight into games without training, so we need to ensure members are training sufficiently at home to be fit enough to take to the field at short notice. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for some positive announcements from the government over the next few weeks which will allow us to get back on the field soon. In planning for the recommencement we need to know if there are any players who for whatever reason may not be able to play in the recommenced competition. If you cannot play can you please notify Maureen Fleming on

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