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Training Recommencement

Great news for 2020 Hockey Season.

With restrictions easing we are very pleased to announce that Hockey Burleigh will be recommencing training earlier than previously announced on Thursday 11th June. There are some formalities we need to address before we do so with regard to COVID19 safety planning. GCHMG have put procedures in place for us to return which require the clubs to do a little work also. Initial training will be very structured under the level 2 guidelines until restrictions are eased again. Please see attached “GCHMG COVID VENUE TRAINING GUIDELINES” Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines as they will be enforced at all sessions. The below time slots are allocated for HB training. As a general rule players within these teams will train in these teams however we will be requiring some players to train in different teams to even out numbers so as not to exceed to 20 person per half field rule. Will be advising those players as to which sessions they should attend within the next couple of days. 3.50pm – 4.50pm / U14 Girl and U14 Boys on Zone C & U11 Mixed on Zone D 5.00pm – 6.00pm / OJ Boys on zone C & OJ Girls on zone D. 6.10pm – 7.10pm / Div 2 & 3 Men on zone C, Div 2, 3 & 4 Women on zone D 7.20pm – 8.20pm / Div 1 Men on zone C, Div 1 Women on zone D As part of our obligations to return to hockey we are required to ensure all attendees are registered at the point of entry for each training session. To do this HB must ensure we have COVID19 safety registers at the gate checking players off on the attendance list. We are planning to have one volunteer from each team who can wait at the gate during the 10 minute entry period to complete the attendance register for their team and return it to the club. This person may be the coach, manager, parent or player. Each Safety Registrar is required to attend a 30 minute induction this coming Saturday at one of the following times. 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 9:30am 10:00am If you can help out for your team can you please contact your team manager or myself. Glenn Powell 0409 769 355

Training Restart

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